If Microblading is too natural for you and you would like a bolder look there are many choices for permanent eyebrows, take a look at the options below.


Permanent Eyebrows

Hairstroke eyebrow from £300

Powder eyebrow from £260

Combination eyebrow from £300

3D eyebrow from £300

Using a machine specially designed for facial tattoo, which uses a lower frequency than a standard tattoo machine, semi-permanent makeup pigment is inserted gently into the skin with very fine needles. You will feel the vibration on your skin much like an electric toothbrush being held against the skin however, you shouldn’t feel any discomfort. I work together with the client at this this stage offering any breaks if needed. The treatment normally takes about an hour – an hour and a half depending on each individual’s requirements. The top up appointment takes 45- 60 minutes depending on the individuals requirements. The area will look 40-50% darker immediately after the treatment from the colour chosen during the consultation. This will start to fade 3-4days after. Semi permanent makeup is a great way to save time getting ready and create a polished image with little effort.


A Hairstroke eyebrow is the most natural looking of the permanent eyebrows created using the digital machine. Its simply a pattern of hairstrokes designed to compliment your face and frame your eyes as naturally as possible. Great for those who love the subtle look.

Powder Eyebrow

A powder brow is a shading of colour that emulates the look of an eyebrow pencil or powder. This is achieved by using a shading technique and can be done lightly to create a delicate powder look or can be done to create a bolder finish.


A combination eyebrow, is great if you want a natural makeup finish. It combines a Hairstroke brow and a Powder brow. Combining these to leaves a brow with natural looking hairs at the start of the brow and a shaded makeup finish though the tail. Once again this can be manipulated to range from a natural to bolder look.

3D Eyebrows

3D brows are similar to a Powder eyebrow, a natural or more bold look can be created. The use of two separate pigments colours creates more depth and a textured look in the brow.

Each treatment is tailored to meet individual requirements, if you are unsure of whats write for you allow me to guide and explain what to expect from your results.