Microblading For Men

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Microblading For Men

Microbalding for men
MIcroblading for men

Can men get Microblading?

YES! Microblading and eyebrow treatments are gender neutral. Both men and women alike suffer from the same issues when it comes to eyebrows. Alopecia, illnesses, hairless, thinning, scars and generally wanting to look their best at all times.


Today men care about their appearance just as much as women, men of all ages want to look good. More men are making makeup part of their daily routine and just like women they don't want to, nor have an abundance of time to spend in the mirror every morning applying eyebrows.

Microblading For Men

The Procedure 

The Microblading procedure is the same, the only differences are the brow mapping and appointment time. The brow mapping is still formed using the golden ratio however mens eyebrows tend to be bigger and not as neat as women's brows. Men tend to prefer a less groomed appearance. Mens eyebrows tend to take slightly longer to apply due to the size difference. The goal with a mens brows to create a defined brow with no obvious gaps that doesn't look too over groomed.


Does male Microblading look natural?

Yes it looks absolutely natural, Microblading is a treatment which can be made to look bolder or softer depending on the requirements of each individual. Men usually like to be more private about their eyebrow treatment, this can be easily achieved.

How long does it last?

Longevity of your brow treatment depends on several factors including skin type (oily or dry), lifestyle (sunny holidays, how well the prep and aftercare are followed and maintenance. You may need a 6 month, annual or 18 months.

microblading for men

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