Eyeliner Tattoo Course

Eyeliner Tattoo Course

The price for a Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic Semi-Permanent Training course from £1500 including VAT.
This includes a start-up kit

At Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic, I am committed to you achieving your goals. Reasons you should train with me.......


Taking you from strength to strength with our developmental learning journey and ongoing post-training support


Developing the next generation of elite SMPU artists


Training facilities purpose-designed to encourage effective group or ONE ON ONE learning


Training available for all in Yorkshire and Manchester


To the continued success and development of all our technicians

eyeliner tattoo course
Semi-Permanent Makeup Course

Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic Eyeliner Tattoo Courses

Unlike other Semi-permanent Eyeliner Tattoo courses, Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic offers one on one training or groups with a maximum of 4 students at a more affordable price. Most schools charge £4k plus for a course with anywhere for 5-20 students in a class. This course is ideal for beginners. Start up kit included 

The curriculum

What to expect each day

Day One

  1. Health and Safety
  2. Theory of Eyeliner Tattoo
  3. Skin depth of application
  4. Requirements of practice, IE council legislations
  5. Pigments
  6. Placement of the Eyeliner
  7. Depth of Penetration
  8. Patch testing
  9. Needle configuration
  10. Ongoing support

Day Two

  1. Practice on fake skin
  2. Consent forms
  3. How to prepare a client for their treatment
  4. Correct procedure for setting up your work station
  5. Live model demo
  6. Live model application
  7. How to advertise
  8. Where to order your stock from
  9. Assessment
  10. Certificate of Attendance

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