Lip Tattoo Course

Lip Blush Course

Lip Blush Course

Entry Requirements

Candidates do not require  experience in SPMU. For example Microblading OR Machine brows. Minimum age of 18.

About the Course

We are really excited to introduce this action packed lip liner, lip blush, full lip and 3d lip tattoo training course with will be led by Cara. Cara has 6 years experience, therefore tailors her teaching style to ensure that all students on training meet their full potential. Students will learn how to work with the Digital Machine which is one of the most simple machines in the SPMU industry to use, it is also able to perform all SMPU treatments. You will work with the best tools and facilities to achieve outstanding results, and you will get to work in our beautiful luxurious Academy. You will leave the course with extensive knowledge and skills in a range of Lip Tattoo treatments which will allow you to progress even further into the industry.

The price for a Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic Semi-Permanent Training course is £2250 including VAT.
This includes a start-up kit

At Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic, I am committed to you achieving your goals. Reasons you should train with me.......


Taking you from strength to strength with our developmental learning journey and ongoing post-training support


Developing the next generation of elite Semi-Permanent Makeup cosmetics artists


Training facilities purpose-designed to encourage effective ONE ON ONE learning


Training available for all in Yorkshire and Manchester


To the continued success and development of all our technicians

Lip Tattoo Course
Lip Tattoo Course

Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic Lip Tattoo Courses

Unlike other Lip Tattoo courses, Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic offers one on one training at a more affordable price. Most schools charge £4k plus for a course with anywhere for 5-20 students in a class. This course is ideal for beginners. Start up kit included 

The curriculum

What to expect each day

Day One

  1. Health and Safety
  2. Theory of Lip Micro-pigmentation
  3. Skin depth of application and anatomy of the lip
  4. Requirements of practice, IE council legislations
  5. Pigments
  6. Mapping the lips
  7. Machine setup and needle practice
  8. Patch testing
  9. Set up Google My Business & Map
  10. Ongoing support

Day Two

  1. Practice on latex skin
  2. Consent forms
  3. How to prepare a client for their treatment and aftercare advise
  4. Correct procedure for setting up your work station
  5. Live model demo
  6. Live model application
  7. How to advertise
  8. Where to order your stock from
  9. Assessment
  10. Certificate of Attendance

You can also make a booking to come talk about what to expect from your course. Book a free consultation using my online booking system.

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Microblading course



Had training from Cara, and I couldn’t recommend her enough.

We had a lot of information condensed into a week. But felt we learnt thoroughly. She didn’t skip over any details, she has very good attention to detail. As well as a fantastic ability to tailor training, it was a small class but still with 3 or 4 of us she managed to be attentive to each & give tailored tutoring and help to each of our strengths and weaknesses.

A great balance of friendly, fun and professional.

Would definitely recommend her for either training or treatment, & would go to her myself again.


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