LIP TATTOO Treatments in Manchester

Lip tattoo are you confused? Don’t be! Lip tattoo is part of the range of treatments available in the semi-permanent makeup range. You may have heard of Microblading this involves a lot of the same principles. There are few different options and i will explain them this blog and help you decide which one is for you. 

You can choose from a simple lip liner tattoo, a lip blush/blend or a full lip colour tattoo.

So lets start LIP LINER TATTOO, is exactly what it says on the tin, its a lip liner. A thin line is tattooed on around the edge of your lip creating the effect of a liner pencil. A fine needle is used to create the fine line.  

LIP BLUSH/BLEND, this is a two part stage, a liner tattoo is created first as just described then a slightly larger needle is used to blend semi-permanent tattoo pigment down into the lips from the edge of your lips.  This creates a natural looking blend of colour on your lips, my favourite out of the three semi-permanent makeup treatments.

FULL LIP COLOUR, all of the stages from the lip blush are followed with pigment over the whole lip instead of just a gentle blend from the liner. This creates a look of a lipstick all day long and looks amazing with a clear gloss. 

Liner tattoo, look fresh feel great

What to expect after your treatment, you will be swollen and tender, you may even bruise. This will subside in a few days. As with all semi-permanent makeup treatments your lips will be darker straight after the treatment than the colour they will eventually heal to. You will 100% need a top up appointment 4-8 weeks later and it completely normal to have patches or faded colour after your first appointment, which is why your therapist will need you to return for your top up in the timescale of 4-8 weeks to get the best result possible.  I am based in Manchester city centre if you would like to book in for a free consultation click here. I am happy to answer any questions, you can also check out my permanent lip page for a bit more info.

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