What is a Meso of facial?

Skin condition treatable by Meso Facial 

◊ Loss of volume 

◊ Superficial lines & wrinkles 

◊ Stretch Marks 

◊ Loss of glow 

◊ Dull skin 

◊ Loss of skin tone & elasticity 

Meso facial is a non surgical skin rejuvenation treatment that can help diminish problem areas on the face and body. Meso facial treatment can be used for face, neck and under eye rejuvenation and also other areas of the body to treat stretch marks. A Meso treatment involves penetrating the skin using a skin needling technique. During the skin needling Hyaluronic Acid penetrates under the surface of the skin. This nourishes and rejuvenates the skin, the needling promotes the production of collagen and elastin and stimulates  the skins metabolism. After a course of Meso people have stated their skin looks “plumber, hydrated, radiant firmer and glowing.”

What to expect after Meso

  • After a course of Mesotherapy injections your skin will look hydrated, glowing, radiant and firmer.
  • For Mesotherapy to be most effective a course of 4-6 treatments are recommended at 2-4 week intervals
  • There may be some superficial swelling and signs of tiny needle marks after treatment which will settle in 24-48 hours. This may take a little longer around the eye area so clients may need a little recovery time.

Benefits of Meso

  • Improvement in the skin’s complexion and radiance
  • Overall skin rejuvenation
  • Increases the firmness and elasticity of the skin
  • Improves tone and elasticity of sagging skin on the hands, décolleté & neck area
  • Treats all skin types safely
  • Prevention of wrinkles and rejuvenates and revives dull, tired looking skin