Phibrows Microblading


Clients today rarely ask “do you do brows?”  Instead, they ask “do you do Microblading?”  Often times Microblading is the only technique an artist has learned. But there are several other beautiful brow techniques, used alone or even in combination with Microblading that well-trained artists might offer. So, of course, this question is a simple one for artists trained to perform several treatments which, according to Deluxe Brows, should be the case. However, this might be very complex to explain to prospective clients.

Nevertheless, any treatment that involves breaking the skin for the purposes of introducing ink or pigment is, by definition, a tattoo and is, therefore, considered permanent. This must be clarified because even though Microblading or any other permanent makeup treatment might fade (what sometimes looks like the absence of colour), the pigment particles remain in the dermal-epidermal junction, even if they are not seen. There are many various reasons why they fade, but the pigment does not disappear as a result.

It simply fades.

Of course, fading and longevity are important factors in the client’s decision-making process whether to make an investment in the treatment or not. Furthermore, an artist’s record of successful treatments with long term, true and beautiful results will also influence a client’s decision to select a particular artist or a studio’s here in Manchester


As with any industry, the permanent makeup industry is always growing and evolving. Here in Manchester we forever aim to provide most up to date trends and techniques suited to the desires of the client. It continuously incorporates new techniques, as well as updates previous techniques with new information about the skin, the products, and the ever-improving implements. Progress is good, amazing in fact, but it is often overwhelming to keep up with new trends.


Written by Carly O'hara

SPMU artist at Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic


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