Lip Fillers


Dermal Filler injections are inserted into the skin to aesthetically alter and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. They can also be used to add volume and contour different areas of the face, altering the shape and look of facial features. Hyaluronic Acid naturally occurs within the skin, maintaining plumpness and vitality. Lip Fillers are created based on this compound, producing a similar effect within the skin. It is not permanent, but it is long lasting.

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Results can be seen instantly, after just one treatment and can last for approximately 6-9 months. Receiving a Lip Filler treatment allows for volume to be added to the skin, whilst maintaining a youthful, natural-looking result. Dermal Fillers give you the choice to control your looks subtly as your face changes over time.

Here at Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic, located inside IFace Aesthetics in Manchester, we can assure you that all our injectable treatments are performed by expert cosmetic clinicians, who have undergone extensive training to provide a positive experience with outstanding results. My team and I will talk through all options with you to ensure you achieve the pout you’re looking for.

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