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Microblading has been the buzz word in semipermanent makeup and is taking over Instagram with amazing before and after images. But what is it? Simply its an eyebrow tattooing technique that creates delicate hair strokes, the most natural technique to achieve a semipermanent eyebrow.

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Fact Initially know as eyebrow embroidery, an apt term as each hair stroke is meticulousy placed one by one using a hand tool. You can’t rush perfect brows and your first treatment appointment at Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic will take around 120 minutes.


Fact It really isn’t painful, a misconception is that microblading is very painful. Its worth noting that everybody’s pain threshold is different however the vast majority my clients said it was a little uncomfortable rather than painful. i have had a few clients fall asleep during their treatment. A numbing cream is applied at he beginning of each treatment to relieve any discomfort you may feel. 


Fact Microblading falls under Cosmetic Tattooing, as pigment is placed under the upper layers of the skin. No more mornings spent rushing to get your brows on. After all no one wants uneven brows. To keep your cosmetic tattoo looking fresh a top up is required 12-18 months later. Its very low maintenance. 


Fact Do your research, shop around, cheap is not always cheerful. Choose an artist you feel is listening to what you want. Look at online galleries, everyones eyebrows are different therefore there should be a range of different brows in their portfolio.

Here at Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic, gift vouchers are available these can be used up to 6 months after purchase. Gift vouchers can be used to save towards a treatment too!



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PhiBrows Microblading coming soon to Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic 

I am excited to announce that I have have nearly completed my Phibrows Microblading training. It will soon be available in my Manchester City Centre semipermanent makeup clinic. I trained with the beautiful Dovile Zilinskaite, phi brows_dolvile. 

What is PhiBrows Microblading?

PhiBrows is a unique technique of eyebrow shaping and has revolutionised the patterns artists are using to create such detailed results. Their intricate style results in beautiful delicate eyebrows, which in my option is the most natural result you can obtain from a semipermanent makeup eyebrow. 

The founder of The Phi Academy Branko Babic has coined the mission statement 

“The Academy of ultimate skills that serve beauty”

My beautiful model Lisa was kind enough to leave a video review of her experience at the Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic , take a look for yourself.

         Click to watch

PhiBrows Microblading is permanent makeup and requires two appointments just like any other semipermanent makeup treatment. As always a consultation is necessary, a first appointment and then your all important touch up appointment. I am happy to talk though any questions during your consultation, it really is a two way conversion.

PhiBrows use the golden ratio technique to ensure brows contour your facial features and flatter your natural facial features. They are an innovative brand with modern concepts, PhiBrows use an app to ensure your eyebrows are symmetrical and place just so. They really have brought a fresh perspective to the permanent makeup industry with high end pigments and quality equipment. They are 100% the power brand for semipermanent eyebrow. I’m proud to say i’m almost there and I’ve learnt a wealth of new skills from Dovile Zilinskaite :). 



This blog was brought you by Cara from Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic Manchester

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Permanent Makeup Definitions Guide 

Here is a break down of a few terms in the permanent makeup industry, that you may come across during your research. I know that choosing a permanent makeup treatment can be overwhelming and it is a bigger decision for you.


So lets make a few thing clear……………

Semi-permanent makeup, permanent makeup, cosmetic tattooing or makeup tattooing?

What are all of these? Well in a nut shell they all mean the same thing! For for purpose of this blog i will refer to it as permanent makeup. Permanent makeup is the implanting of pigment into the skin, to enhance the beauty of your eyebrows, eyes, lips and more. The idea behind it to replicate makeup without the hassle of applying it every morning, with no retouches thought the day/night 😉 No more worrying about hot, sticky or wet weather erasing those brows you spent 20 minutes on this morning, just think how fabulous that would be.

Cosmetic Tattooing is sometimes referred to as semi-permanent this is because the results fade over time. There are a few factors that affect the pigment retention, one being the pigment breaks down in the skin over time. At Cosmetic Tattooing Clinic I prefer to use the term semi-permanent makeup as the results won’t stay as desired unless they are kept fresh with regular touch ups. The pigment in some cases will never completely disappear.

Dermapigmentation and Micropigmentation

Wow these terms might sound scary, never fear let me explain what they mean. Micro is an obvious one it just means small. Derma simply means skin. The pigmentation aspect refers to the changing of colour of natural skin tissue. Combined it means the pigments are implanted into the skin to manipulate the colour.

Finally……… Pigments

I have mentioned pigments a few times now, but you might still be thinking what are they? A common misconception is that, in Cosmetic tattooing procedures the same ink is used as would be for a body tattoo. The is not the case. The reasons a quite straight forward, body tattoo pigments are designed to be truly permanent, the also fade in a different manner to semi-permanent makeup inks. Permanent makeup pigments are specially designed to work the an individuals skin tone, to look as natural as possible.  They fade with sun light and natural skin exfoliation. Ask your technician for whys to keep your look as fresh as possible. Here at my Manchester City Centre clinic i spend time during the 1st appointment of every client carefully matching the right pigment to their skin tone.
If you would like more advice you can book a CONSULTATION at my Manchester City Centre Clinic  


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What is a  Meso Re-Vitalize All About?



I studied my semi-permanent makeup training with Dermace a UK leading training academy. Dermace are the first in the UK to offer this amazing new treatment. Dermace Meso Re-Vitalize allows you to offer treatments never before undertaken in Micropigmentation (semi-permanent makeup). Dermace believe, “this will be a fantastic alternative to “Botox” as an incredibly effective anti-aging treatment.”

Specially designed Meso Needle formations are used along with my Margo laser micro pigmentation machine.


Messo facial treatment


What is Mesotherapy and how does it work?

Meso RE-Vitalize allows for the introduction of active substances deeper into the skins layers, where they they can be most beneficial.
The Meso process causes active substances to stimulate cell metabolism in a more intensive manner and force the regeneration process of skin more effectively. Also, the mechanical perforation of the epidermis (using the specially designed Meso needle) stimulates skin receptors and better blood circulation, a comparison would be the dry needling technique (MCA).
Many lotions and potions available on the market containing vitamins and compounds beneficial for the skin (vitamins, hyaluronic acid) cannot penitrate through the epidermal layer (outer layer) due to the limited space between epidermal cells. Injecting or perforation (needling) of the epidermis is the only effective method of introducing these substances to the dermis (deeper skin layer) where they are most effective.
The Meso Re-Vital technique introduces micro-punctures into the epidermis enabling the transmission of substances into the skin using a SPMU ( Semi-permanent makeup)cartridge which contains a plate of 18 needles 0.5mm in length. The needles penetrate the skin at around 0.2 – 0.3mm.
The plate of micro needles is convex and flexible, its surface adjusts to the shape of the treated sites and allowing it to  get to areas which are normally difficult to reach.

The Meso Re-Vitalize therapy is a versatile and treatments can be offered for several areas:

• The face
• The neck
• The neckline
• The back of the hand
• Stretch marks and scars

There are 3 options in the Meso Re-Vitalize system

• Refreshing Effect Fresh (Vitamins, Q10 and amino acids) Stimulates skin regeneration

• Rejuvenation Effect Med (Hyaluronic acid, peptides) Stimulates collagen and elastin regeneration

• Regeneration Effect Pure (Yam root extract, soy extract, amino acids) Stimulates regeneration of tired, dull and dehydrated skin visibly lightens the skin tone

Further information available from these sources> 

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Meso facial page 

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Lip Tattoo

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LIP TATTOO Treatments in Manchester

Lip tattoo are you confused? Don’t be! Lip tattoo is part of the range of treatments available in the semi-permanent makeup range. You may have heard of Microblading this involves a lot of the same principles. There are few different options and i will explain them this blog and help you decide which one is for you. 

You can choose from a simple lip liner tattoo, a lip blush/blend or a full lip colour tattoo.

So lets start LIP LINER TATTOO, is exactly what it says on the tin, its a lip liner. A thin line is tattooed on around the edge of your lip creating the effect of a liner pencil. A fine needle is used to create the fine line.  

LIP BLUSH/BLEND, this is a two part stage, a liner tattoo is created first as just described then a slightly larger needle is used to blend semi-permanent tattoo pigment down into the lips from the edge of your lips.  This creates a natural looking blend of colour on your lips, my favourite out of the three semi-permanent makeup treatments.

FULL LIP COLOUR, all of the stages from the lip blush are followed with pigment over the whole lip instead of just a gentle blend from the liner. This creates a look of a lipstick all day long and looks amazing with a clear gloss. 

Liner tattoo, look fresh feel great

What to expect after your treatment, you will be swollen and tender, you may even bruise. This will subside in a few days. As with all semi-permanent makeup treatments your lips will be darker straight after the treatment than the colour they will eventually heal to. You will 100% need a top up appointment 4-8 weeks later and it completely normal to have patches or faded colour after your first appointment, which is why your therapist will need you to return for your top up in the timescale of 4-8 weeks to get the best result possible.  I am based in Manchester city centre if you would like to book in for a free consultation click here. I am happy to answer any questions, you can also check out my permanent lip page for a bit more info.

This blog was brought you by Cara from Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic Manchester

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