PhiBrows Microblading coming soon to Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic 



I am excited to announce that I have have nearly completed my Phibrows Microblading training. It will soon be available in my Manchester City Centre semipermanent makeup clinic. I trained with the beautiful Dovile Zilinskaite, phi brows_dolvile. 

What is PhiBrows Microblading?

PhiBrows is a unique technique of eyebrow shaping and has revolutionised the patterns artists are using to create such detailed results. Their intricate style results in beautiful delicate eyebrows, which in my option is the most natural result you can obtain from a semipermanent makeup eyebrow. 

The founder of The Phi Academy Branko Babic has coined the mission statement 

“The Academy of ultimate skills that serve beauty”


My beautiful model Lisa was kind enough to leave a video review of her experience at the Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic , take a look for yourself.

         Click to watch

PhiBrows Microblading is permanent makeup and requires two appointments just like any other semipermanent makeup treatment. As always a consultation is necessary, a first appointment and then your all important touch up appointment. I am happy to talk though any questions during your consultation, it really is a two way conversion.

PhiBrows use the golden ratio technique to ensure brows contour your facial features and flatter your natural facial features. They are an innovative brand with modern concepts, PhiBrows use an app to ensure your eyebrows are symmetrical and place just so. They really have brought a fresh perspective to the permanent makeup industry with high end pigments and quality equipment. They are 100% the power brand for semipermanent eyebrow. I’m proud to say i’m almost there and I’ve learnt a wealth of new skills from Dovile Zilinskaite :). 



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