Permanent Makeup Definitions Guide 

Here is a break down of a few terms in the permanent makeup industry, that you may come across during your research. I know that choosing a permanent makeup treatment can be overwhelming and it is a bigger decision for you.


So lets make a few thing clear……………

Semi-permanent makeup, permanent makeup, cosmetic tattooing or makeup tattooing?

What are all of these? Well in a nut shell they all mean the same thing! For for purpose of this blog i will refer to it as permanent makeup. Permanent makeup is the implanting of pigment into the skin, to enhance the beauty of your eyebrows, eyes, lips and more. The idea behind it to replicate makeup without the hassle of applying it every morning, with no retouches thought the day/night 😉 No more worrying about hot, sticky or wet weather erasing those brows you spent 20 minutes on this morning, just think how fabulous that would be.

Cosmetic Tattooing is sometimes referred to as semi-permanent this is because the results fade over time. There are a few factors that affect the pigment retention, one being the pigment breaks down in the skin over time. At Cosmetic Tattooing Clinic I prefer to use the term semi-permanent makeup as the results won’t stay as desired unless they are kept fresh with regular touch ups. The pigment in some cases will never completely disappear.

Dermapigmentation and Micropigmentation

Wow these terms might sound scary, never fear let me explain what they mean. Micro is an obvious one it just means small. Derma simply means skin. The pigmentation aspect refers to the changing of colour of natural skin tissue. Combined it means the pigments are implanted into the skin to manipulate the colour.

Finally……… Pigments

I have mentioned pigments a few times now, but you might still be thinking what are they? A common misconception is that, in Cosmetic tattooing procedures the same ink is used as would be for a body tattoo. The is not the case. The reasons a quite straight forward, body tattoo pigments are designed to be truly permanent, the also fade in a different manner to semi-permanent makeup inks. Permanent makeup pigments are specially designed to work the an individuals skin tone, to look as natural as possible.  They fade with sun light and natural skin exfoliation. Ask your technician for whys to keep your look as fresh as possible. Here at my Manchester City Centre clinic i spend time during the 1st appointment of every client carefully matching the right pigment to their skin tone.
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