Microblading- Achieving the perfect brow shape with the Golden Ratio 

Naturally the human eye is attracted to balance and good proportions. Objects that have this good proportion are more pleasing to the eye and are even considered ore attractive to us than objections with less balanced dimensions. For example classic architectural structures, statues and artworks often have symmetry present. The principle is the same when we find beauty in facial features. This balance is achieved using an accient formula known as the Golden Ratio. The Golden Ratio is the technique used when creating a beautifully balanced eyebrow shape during the Microblading treatment at Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic Manchester. 

The Golden Ratio is a technique that brings natural balance to the face. Combining Microblading and The Golden Ratio will achieve the most naturally complimentary brows for your unique bone structure and face shape, they are a match made in eyebrow heaven. Celebrities including Kim K, Megan Fox and J-lo have all had there brows done using the Golden Ratio by Anastasia in her Beverly Hills Studio. Anastasia can be seen here demonstrating her application of The Golden Ratio.

The eyebrows are used as the starting point to frame the face. Ideally the face should be sectioned into thirds. Section 1, is from the top of the forehead, to the top of the eyebrows. Section 2, is from the top of the brow to the bottom of the nose. Lastly section 3, is from the top of the Cupid’s bout the bottom of the chin. Ideally all sections should be the same length, which furthers the idea of balance. These 3 steps are the start of creating symmetry to the face and clearly show the points on which the beginning, arch and end point of the brows should be placed on the face. 


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