Microblading has been the buzz word in semipermanent makeup and is taking over Instagram with amazing before and after images. But what is it? Simply its an eyebrow tattooing technique that creates delicate hair strokes, the most natural technique to achieve a semipermanent eyebrow.

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Fact Initially know as eyebrow embroidery, an apt term as each hair stroke is meticulousy placed one by one using a hand tool. You can’t rush perfect brows and your first treatment appointment at Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic will take around 120 minutes.


Fact It really isn’t painful, a misconception is that microblading is very painful. Its worth noting that everybody’s pain threshold is different however the vast majority my clients said it was a little uncomfortable rather than painful. i have had a few clients fall asleep during their treatment. A numbing cream is applied at he beginning of each treatment to relieve any discomfort you may feel. 


Fact Microblading falls under Cosmetic Tattooing, as pigment is placed under the upper layers of the skin. No more mornings spent rushing to get your brows on. After all no one wants uneven brows. To keep your cosmetic tattoo looking fresh a top up is required 12-18 months later. Its very low maintenance. 


Fact Do your research, shop around, cheap is not always cheerful. Choose an artist you feel is listening to what you want. Look at online galleries, everyones eyebrows are different therefore there should be a range of different brows in their portfolio.

Here at Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic, gift vouchers are available these can be used up to 6 months after purchase. Gift vouchers can be used to save towards a treatment too!



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