What is Microblading? Microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup. semi-permanent makeup is a treatment whereby pigment is implanted between 1.5-2mm under the skin to leave a makeup finish.

Microblading gives a finished result that looks like a hair stroke eyebrow, very natural. A shading technique can be used to create a bold brow which is called a combination eyebrow. This will be covered in more depth in another blog so watch this space! lets talk about the myths around this treatment that are false. Microblading is a manual technique so if you hear a buzzing noise when getting a treatment, this is not Microblading. Myth number 2, it is permanent. Any semipermanent makeup treatment shouldn’t be permanent if it is done correctly. It should last 6-18 months depending on your skin type. Do not leave it too long between top ups if you want to spend less or keep it looking fresh its often cheaper to keep on top of your top up. If you wait too long you will have to start again.

Microblading For Men

TIPs when choosing your Microblading tech

Do your research when choosing your technician, read reviews and look at heir pictures. Once you have found someone you trust. Microblading isn’t for everyone so try and choose a tech that offers a variety of techniques, this will ensure you are not mis-sold Microblading as your only option. If you are told you should try a different type of application ie, a digital hairstroke brow trust this is whats best for your skin type.

Mapping your brows

Mapping is a stencil that is used to find the shape that flatters your face shape. Brow mapping can be scary when you first see it in the mirror as it can look very big. The brows are created inside this stencil and the finished result is few millimetres thinner. Ask questions and trust your tech. I always measure the width and compare them to the size of my own brows to give my clients a comparison to help them imagine what their eyebrows will look like.

Eyebrow application

After your brows are mapped and your happy the application process takes place. Pigment is placed under the skin using a tidy manual blade. The technique i use during my treatment, i do 3 passes on each brow. This simply means i work on one brow then let it rest with pigment on whilst i work on the other side and this is repeated 3 times. Between each pass more numbing cream is applied to enable the treatment to be as comfortable as possible. The brows will swell very minimally during the treatment therefore no changes to shape and size can be done at the end of your treatment so make sure you are happy with your mapping before you start.

I am based in Manchester so if anyone has any questions or would like a treatment please click here. I recommend booking a consultation 24 hours before any treatment appointments so an allergy test can be performed.

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Written by Cara Maitland, Diploma in Micropigmentation and Microblading Trainer. Based in Manchester.

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