After the treatment

General questions

Q, what will I look like immediately after the treatment?

A, Brows tend to look darker after the initial application this fades after a few days.

Q, Can I wear makeup after the treatment?

A, I advise to only use mineral makeup till your brows are healed

Q, what do I need to do during the healing process?

A, I will provide aftercare instructions and an aftercare balm. Aftercare is simple and not time consuming.

Q, how quickly will it heal?

A, the surface skin takes approximately 3-7 days to heal and 10-14days below the surface.

Q, Will I need to take time off work?

A, you should be able to go straight to work after your treatment.

Q, Can I donate blood after my treatment?

A, it is recommended by the National Blood Service to wait 4 months after having permanent cosmetics before giving blood.

Q, can I have Botox or any other anti-aging injections after my surgery?

A, it is important to remember that some treatments could alter the shape of your eyebrows, discuss this with your therapist or surgeon you are considering having your treatment with. I do recommend that you wait until your brows are healed and treatment is completed before having any injections on that area.

Q, Are MRI scans ok after my treatment?

A, inform your practitioner that you have had cosmetic tattooing. However, this should not affect your MRI.

Q, can I have laser hair removal after a treatment?

A, Laser hair removal can fade the pigment. Inform your therapist you have had your brows tattooed so they can act accordingly.

Q, what should I avoid doing after my treatment

A, I will provide a copy of aftercare for you to take home. I recommend to avoid moisture and sun exposure including tanning beds immediately after your treatment.

Q, Can I go on a sunshine holiday?

A, I recommend you wait 4-6 before exposing yourself to heat and the sunshine because this can affect the healing phase.


Q, will my eyebrows look dark after the treatment?

A, yes be prepared for your brows to be dark after your treatment this will fade as your skin heals. This can take up to 10 days however every person is different.