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Click to watch  Sylisa's Microblading review. It is a very informative snippet of information for anyone who's nervous or on the fence about getting their brows Microbladed.

Lisa's before and after picture

″Definitely worth it″ Lisa

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Alexis Microblading review

Alexis left her Microblading review after her Microblading treatment given by myself at my Manchester City Centre based clinic and was kind enough to leave this feedback for other people interested in having their eyebrows tattooed too. She has given a little snapshot of how the experience was for her. How the Microblading treatment fit into her schedule. Including a brief description of the features and benefits of semi-permanent makeup for herself. Click play and have a listen for yourself and leave a comment underneath about her microblading review, maybe about how great Alexis’s brows look.

Alexis"s before and after picture

″Highly recommended″ Alexis

There are many other different semi-permanent treatments available, including eyeliner, lip, beauty spots and Areola Reconstruction. I recently added Scalp micropigmentation to my services. I have completed my cosmetic and medical tattoo training with Dermace one of the UK’s leading trading academies in Micropigmentation. I am currently a PHIBROWS student.

Don’t worry about your treatment  not looking natural there’s a range of pigment choices and you choose how loud or subtle you would want tattoo. All I desire is for you to leave happy with your make-up ready to take over the world!!


Another Lisa made this amazing comment under my blog PhiBrows Microblading and it was too good not to mention on my reviews page.

Amazing service and my brows are spot on i in love with my brows again thanks to cara.Will be telling everyone about how amazing it all was from the beginning to the end, service out of this world, and I come from retail, so I know good service when I see it.Wouldn’t go anywhere else to get my brows done, not painful at all, with how amazing and caring she takes with your brows.″ Lisa.

Lisa's before and after→