Permanent eyeliner treatment is usually done as a three-part process which can be completed in two appointments. Prices start from £260 and the price you are quoted does include all three stages

The stages are the same as my other semi-permanent makeup procedures described in full detail on the

SPMU page. Firstly you will need a consultation to establish what you would like to achieve from your new eyeliner tattoo, the treatment will not begin until you are 100% happy with what we have discussed. The second stage is the treatment, this needs four weeks to heal before we can move on to the next step. Step three is your touch up or top up appointment as its also known. In your touch up appointment the final touch, this takes place four weeks after your first treatment.

Eyeliner tattoo is a treatment in which a digital tattoo machine specially designed for these kind of cosmetic procedures is used. The machine runs at a safe speed to create a beautiful eyeliner line to enhance your daily look without the need to waste time applying makeup. There are many choices for your desired image, including top and bottom liner together these can be discussed during your consultation.

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Here is a picture of JULIE who had her top eyeliner tattooed recently and she looks amazing, what a difference her eyes pop!