<span style="color: #12e0cf;"> Microblading

My main location is at Chapel Street Salon Manchester however, I do hold permanent makeup clinics in Conisbrough and Leeds. I specialise in microblading eyebrows.

Prices are from £260 including touch up appointment, price list for all services is available HERE. Permanent eyebrows are todays must have treatment saving you time in the morning and creating that perfect frame to compliment your facial features. Watch my REVIEWS!!

What is Microblading?

A hand held microblading tool is used to produce precise hair strokes on. Creating the appearance of natural hair stokes following the direction of your natural eyebrows. Semipermanent makeup pigments are implanted into the skins dermal layer with the microblade hand tool. You should not feel any discomfort, the sensation should be similar to a light scratch.

What to expect after your Microblading treatment

Your eyebrow area will look 40-50% darker for the first 3-4days but will fade leaving you with your chosen colour. The  initial treatment will take approximately 2 hours depending on your requirements after which you will be left with amazing eyebrows. The top up appointment is 4-6 weeks after your initial eyebrow application. It will take up to 1 hour after which you be left with a beautiful set of eyebrows hassle free in the mornings! All semipermanent makeup treatments at Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic are a three stage process.  Consultation, 1st permanent makeup application and finally the touch up appointment. 

<span style="color: #12e0cf;"> Microblading

You will also need a consultation so we can discuss your individual needs for your permanent eyebrow. Microbladed eyebrows are the most natural choice for a semipermanent makeup treatment, if you would like something a little bolder we can discus that too. We can cover all your questions during the consultation. 

After 1 year to 18 months you may feel you would like to freshen your brow again, this can be done with a 45 top up session. Microblading is new must have semipermanent makeup beauty treatment as featured on This Morning with Holly and Phill. 


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